Our Story

We’re a couple of romantic souls who fell in love in the 90’s, made each other mixtapes, hit concerts, got caught dancing barefoot at a pizza joint, and have been together ever since. Our mixtapes have turned to MP4s, the concerts are still going strong, and barefoot is the way to go after a long night in Louboutins.

What hasn't changed one bit is that we share the same love for truly amazing photography and feel so fortunate to have turned our dreams into our reality, and our passion into our profession. We are so happy to be able to do what we love every single day!

When we are not globetrotting to photograph weddings we choose to spend our time and our lives in the company of people celebrating love in its every form. You’ll find us cooking delicious pasta dishes, watching movies in our band t-shirts and enjoying a good glass of vino (in the right glass) with our friends.

We work together, travel together, and dream together. We have so much fun together, we are inseparable and we really like it that way!

After all, the best thing to hold onto life is each other!

Our drive is romance, explosions of joy and those little sparkling lights in the eyes of the amazing couples we are so fortunate to photograph!

Our philosophy

Every couple is special and every wedding is unique. To us, photography is more than pictures – it is about building relationships and being a part of milestone moments in the lives of others.

We develop special relationships with all our couples and we make you feel relaxed and vibrant in your photos! Working with us would be like having your friend by your side to help and guide you along the way. To us photography is less about our gear and more about you!

We strive to keep you feeling comfortable, relaxed and at ease during each step of the journey. And we want to see us as a good friend during the whole experience!

We feel so fortunate to have clients as friends and friends as clients

santorini wedding aenaon villas

Can't thank you enough for capturing a memory for us to share for a lifetime!

Sandy and Odysseas are wonderful wedding photographers! The moment we met them at our villa, we knew they would be the perfect ones. They made our family feel so relaxed and at ease, which helped make our photos look so natural. Because they both were able to take photos, I felt as if they were able to capture every special moment - each from a different angle.

Samira & Justin

Our footloose brides and grooms will find tons of tips in our conversations, as we address their wedding experience as an entity not as a fragment, and as that beautiful relationship grows their wedding day grows into itself!

We teasingly call our Office our Nomad Home, as it is the place where we get to spend a lot of time editing our collections, planning our next travels, illustrate the next big steps to our clients, connect with the world and establish our collabs with the creme de la creme of the wedding industry.

That said, you know who to call if you haven't yet located your dream wedding planner, your bridal couturier, even your wedding venue or your cake smith. Soon as we know what your wedding day dreams are all about it will all come together and we will happily share the every in everything with you!

To us, few things can beat the genuine rush of magical cities, faraway islands, and exotic off-the-grid destinations! that constant feeling a little bit out, and at the same time universally in! We love the light of the Greek Islands but also the flavors, the scents and the buzz of every inch of this grand world.

Constantly with our minds to that old adage "direction determines destination" we never cease to let our clients in on the latest wedding destination insights, source out the best ways to help them feel relaxed and at ease and be present not just on the day of their weddings and events but way prior!

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Meet us


My drive is the electricity of making new connections. I love meeting and working with people. I'm an artist and a type A personality! Ambitious, impatient and a rigid organizer. To-do lists are my best friends.

I'm a hopeless romantic who wants to know things: was it love at first sight? how did you meet? what is that makes you crazy about each other? what was your proposal like? Show me that dreamy diamond on your finger and tell me all about it, or text me the moment you have found that perfect wedding dress! If there's lacing on an heirloom fan the bride holds with her bouquet, vows tucked in a velvet booklet, boxes, perfumes and spruce invites, my heart skips a little bit faster and I'll definitely capture it all in your images, because like personality, style goes a long way!

I'm here to ensure that the memories of your special day are artfully documented, but I'm also that girlfriend who is convinced that you can never have enough shoes!


There is nothing more substantial to me than universally human moments. Tapping into the emotions of all that are present drives me to create powerful visuals of genuinely happy people, and to narrate every detail of your special day, not in ink but in perfect light.

I’m definitely a type B personality. I’m a story-driven creative thinker, patient and calm. I constantly strive for the extra to the extraordinary and have devoted myself to the fundamentals: a soulful, luminous, and unobtrusive collection of images that will celebrate your love and your family for life. Wedding images laden with meaning never lose their impact, and will only grow in value as the years roll by.

It’s YOUR day and YOUR story and you should enjoy it with your friends and family

We want to ensure that your day will be relaxed and as enjoyable as possible!

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