Fall Proposal Ideas – Autumn Wedding Inspiration

Fall proposal ideas: Autumn is here. There’s a chill in the air and the trees are putting on their colourful display of reds, golds and browns, bringing with them a feeling of comfort and warmth. This makes this heart-warming season the perfect time to pop that ever important question to your loved one. We have a few suggestions to help you set the scene and offer your beloved that gorgeous rock in a picture-perfect autumn proposal.



Speaking of rocks, why not go on a walk or hike together? The crisp air and bright sunny days combine to make this the perfect opportunity to take a trip to an enchanted woodland and experience the romance that the forest offers. Gentlemen, you could set the scene for your lady by planning the outing on short notice, suggesting you want to take advantage of the beautiful weather with her. When you find yourself alone in the woods, use this private moment to ask her to spend all her precious moments with you from now until forever.

Autumn Proposal Ideas



If exploring the wild outdoors is not your perfect plan for this momentous occasion, then why not take an extended trip together to enjoy the ever-changing fall foliage? Choose to spend time in a secluded cabin and snuggle under the cosy blankets whilst sitting by a roaring fire with a few warm mugs of cocoa and a discretely placed ring box. Romance should never be complicated – it is about experiencing the moment whereby you find just the perfect setting for you as a couple. When you pop the question while she’s enjoying her warming drink it will make for a beautiful memory this autumn.




Autumn is the perfect season to be outdoors and enjoy a pastoral picnic. The crisp and cool sunny days make them ideal for visiting local farms or orchards. Add a bit of a game to your outing with your future misses by placing her engagement ring on the most perfect pumpkin you can find in that brilliant patch of orange field. Allow your lady to find it on her own as she wanders throughout the field.



If you choose to create the perfect photo op, perhaps considering hiring a wedding photographer who can discretely follow you around on the pumpkin trail, artfully capturing the moment when you get down on one knee. Or perhaps, when apple picking and she reaches for a perfect red apple, bend over and tell her you found something on the ground. Wait for her to meet you and surprise her with that beautiful gem amongst the fallen fruit.


Whichever way you decide to take advantage of this perfect autumn season, be sure to use it as your guide for the most romantic of fall proposal ideas. The leaves may be changing but your love for her is everlasting. Give your lady a story that she will happily tell over and over again, year after year.