Bad Wedding Photos: How to Avoid Them

Bad wedding photos are a no-no. Photography is probably one of the most critical parts following your actual wedding vows – which is actually a no-brainer-  Your wedding photographer is there to preserve some of your best memories through the years. Despite the fact that every wedding collection deserves to be flawless there can be several “stumbling blocks” and misconceptions that may lead to wedding photography disasters. Here are some photography mistakes you want to avoid on your wedding day in order to have the imagery you so much merit.

Photography Mistakes you Want to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

TAKING SHORTCUTS hardly leads to truly spectacular results in life, so why should your wedding photography in Greece be the exception? Although every couple -no matter how luxurious or budget savvy their event- can get tempted to stow away, there is no single bride and groom who would like images they do not cherish. Not investing in your wedding photography enough can leave you close to empty handed. To avoid this, begin your search with a photographer whose work you truly admire. Browse through their galleries, read through their posts and explore their general approach to wedding photography. If you can see yourselves as one of the couples in these wedding collections contact them asap to get informed on the services they provide.


Would you trust someone you barely know to babysit your children? We don’t know who would. NOT HAVING ESTABLISHED A CONNECTION TO YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER is exactly the same. You need someone who will make you feel at ease, someone who will generously answer all your wedding photography questions and guide you through the imagery they are going to capture way before they start clicking. Take some time to get to know the people behind the lenses as a great portion of your bid day memories is entirely on their hands.


That said, you may wish to avoid HIRING A STUDIO COMPANY to work on your wedding. You may have fallen in love with a specific photographer’s work but they may not be available on your wedding day. A studio company will convince you all their photographers share the same vision -and they obviously do- but let us be frank here, no two photographers produce the same, and often the “superstars” of the brand are pre-booked way ahead of the rest. If you are happy with everyone’s style then don’t jump to agree to have anyone photograph your wedding, simply ask to connect with the specific photographer and inquire more about their personal portfolio.


CHOOSING A FRIEND OR A RELATIVE WITH A GOOD CAMERA to document your wedding could be slightly worse than selecting YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER BASED ON THEIR PRICE. If you are blessed with a professional artist -whose work you love and trust- in the family then absolutely go for it. If your dream wedding photographer gives you a discount because you happen to be friends you are hands down lucky! If neither is the case, however, kindly decline any offers, to avoid low-quality equipment, flow, product delivery and editing. Instead make the best of your wedding day by asking for a second shooter to secure multiple angle imagery, backups and not missing a thing.


One of the perks of hiring a professional wedding photographer is …well… their professionalism. You can always tell by the amount of care and soul photographers pour into their work, how they run things, communicate with you, organize their products and your wedding photography schedule, and how they let you in covering your queries from A to Z. Beware, NOT BEING ASKED TO SIGN A CONTRACT is amateurish and fishy. A wedding contract will secure your professional is legally bound to whatever services they offer you with under any circumstances, and you can be at ease that should anything occur you will not be asked to cover hidden costs or end up receiving poor quality products.


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