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Best Destination Weddings Happen in Greece

Best Destination Weddings Happen in Greece

If you and your loved one are planning your “I do’s” and are considering a destination wedding, then think about Greece, the perfect place for destination weddings! Quite possibly one of the world’s most romantic and beautiful locations to make your wedding day truly special, Greece offers something for every couple.

From sun-kissed islands to a cosmopolitan mainland, your vows could be exchanged in any one of its famous wineries, barefoot on a privately hired beach, or elegantly and luxuriously in a chic boutique hotel. At Sandy & Odysseas Greece Wedding Photography, we feel there is no better way to express your love for each other as a couple than by the stunning backdrop that surrounds Greece and its picture-perfect islands.

Destination Wedding Greece: Santorini

With its white-washed buildings and exquisite views, Santorini is blessed with breath-taking scenery and the most amazing of sunset. Featuring an array of colour – from its black and red sand beaches to its azure waters, a wedding in Santorini offers plenty of opportunity for post-matrimonial exploring – whether you want to wander through the ancient monasteries or shop for precious souvenirs at colourful markets.

Santorini destination weddings

Destination Wedding Greece: Mykonos

Full of traditional character, Mykonos is a magical place to marry your beloved other half. From its marbled streets and white-washed homes with their colourfully-painted doors and window frames, Mykonos is a fascinating world. Famed for its 18th century district, Little Venice, Mykonos has plenty of waterfront cafés, great entertainment and quaint windmills standing on the hillside above. If you are wanting a glamorous yet simple wedding, look no further than Mykonos. Check out some elegant Mykonos wedding photography samples.

Mykonos destination weddings

Destination Wedding Greece: Athens (Athens Riviera)

Famous for its archaeological treasures, Athens is steeped in history and tradition. Athens has many beautiful Mediterranean beaches which are popular for swimming and sunbathing, and the city’s beautiful green and pale blue waters are just a short trip away from the city centre. A destination wedding in Athens provides you the opportunity to explore interesting neighbourhoods with bustling markets, quaint cafés and fantastic shopping.

Athens Riviera destination weddings

Destination Wedding Greece: Monemvasiá

Monemvasiá is a medieval tower town on the south-eastern coast of the Peloponnese, known as the “Gibraltar of the East”. Plenty of ruins of historic buildings are situated here, along with beautifully restored stone structures and remains of old Byzantine buildings. If you are looking for a journey through time for your wedding, then Monemvasiá will provide you just that.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg as the whole of Greece is full of hidden gems. From Idra (often referred to as Hydra) with its small luxury hotels and grandiose private estates, to the storybook setting of neighbouring Spetses with its horse-drawn carriages and seaside mansions, these two island destinations cater to all in love. Finally, the islands of Ios, Antiparos and Milos all offer their own hidden beauties and charms and indescribable beautiful scenery.

Antiparos destination weddings

There’s no denying that destination weddings and Greece are a match made in heaven. From traditional islands with white-washed houses to deep blue skies and golden sunsets plus much, much more, Greece has it all and is a paradise to be discovered. Make Greece your choice for an unforgettable destination wedding and enjoy the most important day of your life with the person you love in the most romantic of settings. Access more insights about wedding photography in Santorini destination.