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Double Happy or “Why having a husband and wife capture your day is the best wedding photography investment you can make!”

December 20, 2021

Double Happy or “Why having a husband and wife capture your day is the best wedding photography investment you can make!”

They say no man is an island and we all know how right they are. The world loves to function in teams but it seems that two had always been the magic number – couples, best friends, best mates, partners in life (and in “crime”), and as the lovely voice of Ella Fitzgerald would have us sing it in “Let’s do it”, romantic sponges, they say, do it, oysters down in oyster bay do it … Ah, those amazing lovely twosomes!

The question is… when it comes to wedding photography, are two heads better than one? And, if so, does this mean a couple should book (and double pay for) a second shooter?


The (really) short answer:

Absolutely Yes and Definitely Not.

The long answer:

I get asked this a lot, basically at every wedding: Does being a husband and wife make a difference in your wedding photography investment? Actually, it does! It is true that we function, travel and spend a significant time of the day working together, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Yet, as it happens with a luscious wedding cake it is the layers and the combination of flavors that make it a delight!

Imagine having your best friend who adores every delicious, little girly detail and goes ecstatic at the sight of feathers, ribbons, flowers, shoes (oh the shoes), make-up, the heavenly lacy lingerie, and that divine dress, capturing them with the greatest affection and excitement. The perfect angle and the perfect light, the well-deserved attention to the veil, the jewelry, and the gown of your dreams that carry so much meaning, so many emotional nuances and of course the memories of you and your mother, your sister(s), the best girlfriends in the world who joyfully advised, helped you get dressed and rejoice seeing you sparkle. That is the kind of photographer who approaches your big day not only artistically and aesthetically but with a deep understanding that a bride’s world matters big! That’s me, the sweet detail seeker.

In advance, you have a quick thinker, a sharp-eyed moment hunter, who will discretely go after all these candid instances we so much adore in wedding photography – the impromptu tears and laughs, the kind gestures, the powerful hugs, the pats on the back and even the pranks, the calm portraits and of course the landscapes. That’s Odysseas for you, because let’s face it, the lads have -by default- a great sense of orientation, navigation and framing the perfect image. Who wouldn’t love to have memories that are not only made of beautiful moments and adventure but also of breathtaking scenery? It is definitely not random that the best novels, the most wonderful stories that touch the heart evolve around grand protagonists but are also set in monumental backdrops.

Call it chemistry, fine-tuning, or a sweetly-disposed kind of mind-reading… A look is enough for one of us to know exactly what angle the other is getting and which shot needs to be tended to next, a glance to indicate we’re moving into a point of this story that just has to be highlighted.

Speaking of which, timeline! Having worked with numerous couples over the years we have come to understand how important time management is. With two professional photographers for the entire day – instead of one and their assistant – you will not only have two different styles and perspectives but the appropriate attention your timeline deserves. Odysseas will hang out with the guys in the morning and get to know all the groomsmen, and I will join the girls and connect with the bridesmaids. One of us will cover the groom getting ready, and the other will capture the bridal party. It works and saves time! Saved time means no stress, and stress-free couples translate to incredible, double- happy, radiant photography! Isn’t that what we are all in for?

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