PHOTOGRAPHY: SANDY AND ODYSSEAS | Event Planning & Design: TIE THE KNOT | Venue: Yalos


The perfect way to begin your honeymoon in Santorini is all across this luxe escapist portrait shooting at Yalos Bay

Be it playful or dramatic, utterly romantic or fashion influenced we ADORE how couple portrait sessions capture the genuine and the candid, the soft and the unique! Each time we head to an excitingly new or an old favorite wedding destination these sessions sweep us of our feet. Hannah and Collins’ honeymoon sesh set the tone for a perfect beginning, and Santorini’s scape became their canvas. Scroll down to view the pretty, and read some advice on how to nail the perfect honeymoon portraits from the best-versed destination wedding photographers.


Now that your wedding is over, here comes another great party – probably even better- called “the honeymoon”! With incredible business-class experiences and a massive array of honeymoon destinations to choose from. you’re bound for some truly epic moments to be had.

You want a destination that not only speaks to your hearts and sets your new-husband-and-wife romance on fire, but one that also comes with jaw-dropping vistas to be photographed in, and will satisfy your ache to finally leave the world and luxuriate!


Perfectly Instagrammable, the dream for thousands of escapist couples who love to be pampered, nothing beats the beauty of Santorini island. A Santorini island honeymoon means leisurely walks on lunar-scape beaches, climbing blue domes, and basking in the most memorable caldera sunsets, taking a trip to a volcano that erupted thousands of years ago, poodling whitewashed villages, and tasting the best summer wine, or sailing across the azure.

Your portraits? Chic written all across! Dreamy private cave pools, suites with hammocks and swings hanging from the ceiling, or riding horses across the red colored sands. Wowser honeymoon shots in Santorini never lack the element of surprise and bewonderement.


Contact a wedding photographer Santorini expert so you don’t miss out on the best spots! Discuss your style, your honeymoon portrait vision, and your idea of the perfect time together. Allow them to suggest the proper attire, colors and activities for your chosen spots and add a little extra to the punch by setting up a picnic, a sailboat ride, a horseback run among the waves, or a sleek walk across the mazes… the possiblities are infinite.

Ask your photographers for the best, most photographable residence suggestions according to your honeymoon budget, and lifestyle choices. And pack your bags colorfully, unapologetically summery, and adventure evoking! The dream awaits and we’ve got your back!