Paros, Beach Party

PHOTOGRAPHY: SANDY AND ODYSSEAS | Event Planning & Design: MBW Events

Giorgina & Kshi

How to pull off the perfect Greek Island pre-wedding beach-party in the Cyclades? How about adding your Hindu culture into the mix?

You know you’re in for some incredible nuptial moments when you’re attending a Hindu destination wedding in Greece. The colorful saris, the splendid ambiance, the non-stop singing, the dancing, and the amazingly heartfelt rituals of the Indian culture are wedding goals really.

Now, if you’re not so well-versed you may think that all Indian weddings are the same. As Hindu wedding photographers, with years of experience capturing Indian I do’s let us say that no two celebrations are the same, as there are more than thirty distinct cultures within the continent, not to mention interfaith weddings that borrow from each spouses culture and beliefs.

Such was the case of Giorgina and Khsi who jetted off to the island of Paros in the Cyclades for their unique celebration of Love. And if you want to pull off the perfect Greek island pre-wedding beach party, with a touch of modernity thrown into your Hindu culture mix, keep scrolling to see how these beautiful sweethearts melded both cultures into one!

Enter the most magical -and one of the most iconic- Paros beach that feels as if you’ve just landed on the moon! Chiseled by the waves for millennia, the granite rock formations in Kolibithres (Τhe Tubs) are a wonder of nature. Swarmed by visitors, and hedonists who bask in the lithic glory of the landscape, the beach is almost never empty. Unless one has MBW Events on their side who went above and beyond so that our formidable company had it all to themselves.

The scene was a colorful beach party take on India’s references, with peacock seating, cushions, and poufs, silk throws, and lanterns. Great Indian food, ample Toddy, Thandai, and Aam Panna cocktails welcomed the Sari-attired guests and kept spirits up, while a DJ set initiated the festivities which meant partying till dawn, diving in the clear waters, and enjoying firepit dances that culminated in the most impressive firework show!

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