Tuscany, Villa Il Pozzo

PHOTOGRAPHY: SANDY AND ODYSSEAS | Florals & decor: Bianco Weddings & Evgenia |Workshop: The Cablook Fotolab | MUAH: Lidija Malinovskaja | Lingerie: Elvira Basko | Models: Pietro Raimondo & Diana Alves | Venue: Villa il Pozzo

Diana & Pietro

Nest & Nuzzle Lifestyle Editorial Inspiration In Tuscany

As destination wedding photographers, we are always called away from home to capture truly stunning weddings and engagements and lifestyle editorial inspirations, all of them elaborate and unique in their own way. We wholeheartedly pour our souls into it, as there is nothing more worth our while than shooting love, and we are always thrilled to jet out, but, as you can probably tell, coming home means there is a lot more work to be done. We are total busy bees too when it comes to it, which for some could spell humdrum. Truth is, after 12 years of being together, we are still crazy in love with each other and we constantly make time to indulge in small rituals like enjoying breakfast on Sundays, cooking together, reading, or simply just bare our feet and silly dance on the kitchen tiles. That is where the idea of shooting this lifestyle editorial came from.

Every couple has great, authentic moments at home, big or small, things they relax with and things that honestly concern them. Having an engagement or anniversary shoot portray just that is very heart warming. Capturing real-life events is much more meaningful and emotional, and as storytellers, we are all about creating images that will spark enthusiasm, evoke the feelings of a day, or even encourage people to go on a rainy day. Doing what they love, taking the time to let go and forget to pose means the couple will have a blast and cherish these moments forever.