Mykonos Island

PHOTOGRAPHY: SANDY AND ODYSSEAS | Planning, Styling & Florals: Deplanv | Bridal Gown: Katia Delatola | Suit: Teti Charitou | Muah: Margetina Neofitou | Shoes: Sideris Shoes | Jewelry: Kk Jewelry Lab | Workshop: The Secret Owl | Cake: Baskit Baking Studio | Invitations: Atelier Invitations | Furnishings: Stylebox |Art De La Table: White Lilac

Helena & Lucas

And not a detail was missed at this Little-Venice stunning Mykonos destination wedding

“They all come to Mykonos for the socialite gatherings and leave totally enamored” an old friend of ours and utter Mykonian Brahmin likes to say! And she is very right! Her prestigious hotel has welcomed luxury lovers, party goers, high fashion patricians and celebrities whose names are too many, too VIP, and even scandalous to mention.

Celebs and headliners aside, there are these incredibly chic people whose dream of Mykonos is that of experiencing the best, romance included. That was the idea really behind this stunning Little Venice Mykonos destination wedding concept, and not a detail was missed.

Little Venice is hardly a place one can set a wedding, let alone a reception. The location is chi-chi and quaint, constantly busy, with the exception of the winter months. But come the first days of Spring, swarms of camera-holders head uphil to the seven iconic 16th-century landmark, the Flour Windmills of Mykonos for a chance to snap life, fashion, and total getaway vibes like Richard Avedon once did.

So how did we pull this pretty number? With the amazing team of luxury wedding planners DePlanV on our side and the local authorities always accommodating and kind it happened!

A romantic reception table was set on the main terrace between the windmills and Little Venice. Gorgeous blooms in dusky colors -the ones you see in Mykonos during sundown- elegant suites and organic touches competed the scene.

Our beautiful bride and groom dressed in an ethereal cap-sleeved Primalicia gown and the dandiest maroon tux by Teti Charitou looked so fresh against the pasty walls and turquoise painted Cycladic doors, as for this romantic Marc Jacobs inspired gateau, it’s just what your candy colored cakie hearts need!