11 Top Wedding Photo Ideas & Trends in Greece for 2022

11 Top Wedding Photo Ideas & Trends in Greece for 2022

January 5, 2022

11 Top Wedding Photo Ideas & Trends in Greece for 2022

Have you decided to tie the knot in Greece? Get ready to wowze everyone on your family and friend list with your wedding destination choice! You do want a destination wedding photographer in Greece who is ahead of the curve, but you also wish to have a wedding photo ideas collection to give you shivers 20 years from now!

Here are 11 top modern wedding photography trends in Greece for your 2022 wedding, to still look timeless two decades from now!



Ancient sun-bleached ruins piercing the blue horizon as the Aegean laps at the endless coastline, days melting from one to the next under wide open skies and a sea speckled with islands that deliver the white-sand, palm-fringed, or volcanic beaches of your dreams are just some of the wonders to enjoy in Greece, but hardly scratch the surface of the treasures to discover in this South Mediterranean country.

Stroll through olive groves , idyllic villages and petrified forests. Seek thrills in world-class resorts, age old breweries, caving rock-hewn chambers, castletown locations with breathtaking views, or simply hop on a luxury boat and set sail into the glittering blue beyond. And if you your wedding day photography is hardly enough to feast on Greece’s passionate lifestyle having a Greece destination engagement will immerse you completely.

Destination engagements in Greece are the perfect excuse to give yourself and your loved one a great promise to keep on adventuring together! Hardly a summer goes by that we haven’t documented a spectacular wedding proposal in Santorini, a stunningly pretty Mykonos engagement or a light-soaked pre-wedding lifestyle portrait. We love how our couples get the best of this beautiful period in their lives while vacaying in Greece.

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Greece is a nation who adores to party non-stop and no better time to capture all the incredible events going on than right before your wedding.

11 ideas for wedding photography now in Greece

Organize a round-the-isle day cruise while you and your loved ones dive the teal crystal waters or slip into your bridal swimsuit and make your wedding villa bachelor/ette party pop with endless pool-dives and cocktails.

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The imagery won’t only be incredible but you will get to grasp the verve of what went on and relive every single moment.

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Talk about unbeatable pretty! Being Greece wedding photographers for over a decade, we have been so lucky as to photograph incredible luxury weddings themed after the fanciest Hollywood productions, hence our conviction that if you dream it you can do it.

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Top-notch wedding planners will certainly help you realize your wedding vision, be it an out of this world Frida Kahlo Mexican Fiesta, an Alice in Wonderland reception, an All-White regal banquet or literally anything no matter how grand.

As your destination wedding photographer in Greece, we’ll be more than happy to introduce you to the right creatives that will help you realize your dreams and have those imposing wedding images you covet.

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Probably the hardest thing to do when it comes to your destination wedding in Greece is to resist the gorgeous natural light. Forget obscure, limited in four walls wedding imagery and indulge the milky beauty of fine art wedding photography in seamless backdrops from lunar landscapes and sky-piercing blue domes, to ornate garden and olive grove views.

With the word “photography” itself being Greek (it means drawing with light)  you don’t see things as they appear-you see things as they are. No blinding glare, no blazing colors, but an all-pervading, luminous brightness which bathes the foreground in a delicate glow, yet makes the furthest distances clearly visible. Venture al fresco and your wedding images can’t get any better.

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We hands down adore boudoir wedding photography and we’re so happy to hear that all our couples would love this elegant addition in their wedding collections. Imagine waking up to the sounds of the Aegean, the soft breeze making the curtains brush against your windows, the faraway port buzz climbing up to your Mediterranean veranda as you slip into your most beautiful intimates and indulge in the little luxury of your Big Day.

Bathed in flowing light? Sipping a cup of coffee, reading a love letter from your husband to be, rehearsing your wedding vows, or greeting the passing crowds in your elegant robe de chambre? This is certainly imagery you want to remember your Greek getaway by!

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A bride’s trousseau has always been important to Greeks, a cultural tour around the country will convince you how big it is to capture everything that will adorn you as a bride, and with wedding blogs wholeheartedly embracing that age-old custom to gather and display a bride and groom’s most precious trimming, we couldn’t be happier.

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From your perfect bridal heels, to your perfume, jewelry, veil and accessories, to your groom’s bowtie, cologne, cufflinks, and pochette or boutonniere, you are sure to remember each and every part of your personal flair.

We always advise our brides on what to bring along before we begin photographing their bridal trousseau but here is an idea for you: ask your florist to save a few stems from your bridal bouquet so we can incorporate them into your images!

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Although this trend is not new, it is here to stay. Invitation suites, love letters, maps to navigate your guests around your wedding destination, welcome notes, wedding menu cards, place cards and gift tags not only are a serious part of your wedding but also illustrate your signature as a couple. They deserve the kindest attention, whether styled separately or on your wedding reception tables next to your floral arrangements.

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You will be spending several hours brainstorming with your wedding planner, choosing those perfect treats for your guests’ culinary journey. Charcuterie boards, arrays of picture perfect desserts, but also a unique decorative fashion for your venue and reception tables.

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We’d be remiss not to capture all these beautiful details coming together and setting the entire mood of how you’ve created your Big Day, and our promise remains to leave nothing undocumented.

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Suffice to say you want more from your wedding day than simply your wedding portraits taken during the golden hour or the hours of your wedding party. First look wedding photography is a relatively new trend but seriously growing in Greece destination weddings as there is so much space and light to take advantage of.

The brilliance of Grecian eloquence, is like that of the light which radiates beauty, lit by the earliest and last beams of the sun. Nothing could be more brilliant for your emotional first look imagery, yet nothing could be milder!

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Thinking a photobooth is so cliche? Think again as inspiration is never short when you decide to tie the knot in Greece.

Take a hint from our bride, fashion designer Alexandra Lowell and her super happy list of guests who had the time of their lives interacting with spunkiest props on her Mexican Fiesta pre-wedding bash in the Cyclades (see this gorgeous wedding in Antiparos featured on Wedding Chicks to get inspired), or watch this Mykonos elegant celebration featured on Ruffled Blog,  where booths took a whole new meaning as the inevitable greek island donkey decided to show up! Life isn’t boring and neither should your wedding-fun photography!

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No rest for the wedded when in Greece. Day after the wedding photography will never fall from grace and with so many locations and beauties to explore during your destination wedding you don’t need your wedding dress or looks for the shooting. Whether you keep on partying, celebrating quietly on a secluded beach or fancy resort as husband and wife or sit down for dinner with your selected few, the images you take will last a lifetime.

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