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Why Wedding Photographs Should Be at The Top of Your Budget

February 1, 2022

Why Wedding Photographs Should Be at The Top of Your Budget

Weddings can be expensive affairs whether they’re large or small. The most intimate and seemingly simple day can rival the largest and most complex in terms of expenditure. After all, it’s all down to what you choose and what you prioritise.

With budget constraints a pressing issue, it’s tricky to find a balance between the things you feel passionate about and the things which you feel are non-negotiable.

Many couples find that whilst planning their wedding is exciting, it’s also confusing. The question of which aspects of the big day are most important, is a personal one and not always easy to answer.

You may feel that the dress is the most important feature of the day whilst others won’t compromise on venue. Maybe you want a large guest list, or the very best in catering? Whatever your personal feelings are, the photography is the one thing which shouldn’t be skimped on.

The special day you’ve been building up to for so long, is over so quickly that many married couples feel almost dazed by the experience. It’s only when they eventually get to look at their wedding photographs, that they can truly appreciate and reminisce about the day.

This is why the only tangible record of the big day is so vitally important. Your photographs are something which you will treasure for your whole life and not only that, but they’ll stick around for generations to come.

It may be strange to think of that aspect, but it’s true. One day your grandchildren or even your great-grandchildren will look at the photographs of your wedding and marvel at how special their relatives’ wedding was.



We all must make choices when it comes to our wedding day. Which dress, what kind of flowers, venue, music, guests…the list is seemingly endless and as the expense is high. For this reason, it’s important to prioritize your photographs and invest in an excellent photographer to ensure you capture every moment of a day in which you’ve invested so heavily.

A great photographer will record the beauty of your day in the most flattering light; capturing every tiny detail in its essence; from those handwritten invitations to the one-off pieces of table décor. Each and every lovely touch will be caught in time for you to enjoy again and again.

There are many beautiful and moving moments during a wedding and that’s what they are, moments. A professional and specialist destination wedding photographer understands how to recognise those moments a split second before they happen and is there to capture them forever.

Remember, your photographs will be with you long after the memories begin to fade, they’ll remain as a record of your intimate and special day…something to treasure throughout your life.